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Project: Killzone™ Shadow Fall DLC

Time Spam: 1 Year


After Killzone™ Shadow Fall launced, I moved to the post-launch support team. This was a small team consisting of a few programmers, designers and artists.

As part of that small team, I mainly maintained the multiplayer part of the game and build the 3 multiplayer DLC packs.

What I've Learned

Being on a small team is a totally different experience than the 150+ team we worked on for the main game, I had to fix a lot of problems which where not nessecarily gameplay related, I had to employ a much more generalist role.

The other thing that is vastly differnt to shipping the main game is the fact that we had constant multiplayer patch updates on a rigorous schedule. I had to learn to work under constant pressure since we had a 2 week turnaround time for patches. Working under that pressure of constant delivering against the clock is not easy, but I think I'm a much better programmer because of it.

For the second DLC pack Killzone™ Intercept, we had to work with the Guerrilla-Cambridge team. There I learned to communicate and work with people in an off-site office, which in my opinion is also very valuable in this field.