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Project: Killzone™ Shadow Fall

Time Spam: 2 Years


Killzone™ Shadow Fall is a launch title for the Playstation©4.

As a Gameplay programmer, I was mainly responsible for the multiplayer part of the game. I've made most of the missionmodes and the player abilities. I did quite a lot of changes on the general weapon code and the HUD for singleplayer and multiplayer

What I've Learned

This being my first AAA title, this project has taught me a lot.

I learned to work on a different platform (other than PC and mobile), working with custom tools and hardware.

I learned to work as part of a big team (150+) and work with a huge codebase, I learned collaborate with a lot of people on a big feature.

Having worked mainly on the multiplayer part of the game, I created a lot of insight in network replication of game data and how to deal with network ownership.