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Fries Carton

Cell: +31 (0)615-501-195

I am an energetic young game-developer, trained in both artistic and technical aspects of game-development. My goal is to be part of a team that consists of highly motivated individuals, aiming to bring the best, most immersive interactive 3D experiences.


Digital Arts & Entertainment (2009-2012)

Howest, University College West Flanders

Major: Game-Development

Graduated With Honor

Multimedia & Communications Technology (2006-2009)

Howest, University College West Flanders

Major: Web-Development

Graduated With Honor

Professional Strengths


Detail oriented and adaptive

Social and communicative

Interested and trained in both Artistic and Technical aspects of Game Development

Programming Skills

Highly skilled in C++ and other languages including C# and Java

Experience with large code-bases and complex logical structures

Experience in shipping quality AAA games

Mathematical Skills

Solid understanding 3D mathmatics such as Vectors, Matrices, Quaterions and Linear Algebra

Basic knowledge of advanced mathematical topics such as Calculus


Feature Game Coder Guerrilla Games | Amsterdam (NL) | 2012-Present

  • PlayStation®4 - Killzone™ Shadow Fall
  • PlayStation®4 - Killzone™ Shadow Fall DLC
  • PlayStation®4 - Horizon: Zero Dawn
I like playing games on all platforms and from all genres and eras.
Being an amateur triathlete, so I swim, bike and run a lot.
I play guitar and love listening to music.
I'm a massive petrol head, so I like to drive around in the beautiful dutch scenery.
Available on request